Sunnhemp Research Station at Pratapgarh, Uttar Pradesh, establish in 1963.
Sunnhemp Fibre Bundles.
Sunnhemp crop at Flowering Stage.
Sunnhemp Pods.
Sunnhemp Seeds.
Bumblebee in Pollination of Sunnhemp Flower.
Leaf curl - A common viral disease in sunnhemp.
Topping enhances lateral branching to increase seed yield.

Sunnhemp or Sanai is an important multipurpose bast fibre and green manuring crop of India. Besides, it is also used as green fodder in some areas.


Sunnhemp Varieties

The important varieties of sunnhemp are Ankur,Swastik, Shailesh, K-12 Yellow, K-12 Black, Chindwada, Nalanda Sanai etc.

Crop Management

Sunnhemp crop management includes identification of insect-pest, diseases and its management.

Sunnhemp Retting

Retting process of sunnhemp requires generally 3-5 days depending upon prevalent temperature and crop age.