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Jute insect pests

Jute, “the golden fibre of India” though occupies only 0.40% of the gross cropped area, provides livelihood to more than 4 million farm families. The production of jute has increased from mere 3.31 million bales during 1950-51 to 10.4 million bales during 2006-07. The productivity of raw jute has become doubled from 10.4 q/ha during 1950-51 to 23.4 q/ha during 2006-07. However, the area under jute has been dwindling around 1.0 million hectares over the six decades. It may be difficult to break this plateau, but concerted efforts may be taken to enhance the productivity. There are several constraints in increasing the productivity of jute, of which the loss due to insect pests is of major concern and hence, the “Jute Entomology” deserves more attention for economic production of the crop.
All parts of the plants starting from root to seed capsules are subjected to attack by various pests and causing decline in yield as well as quality of the fibres. It is estimated that under certain conditions the loss of jute production due to pest damage alone may be as high as 12 percent or more. However, the intensity of damage varies in different areas and in different years. The incidence of pest infestation largely depends upon weather conditions, variety of jute, method of cultivation, and the presence of predatory and parasitic organisms.
A Guide to Jute Insect - Pests
 Bihar hairy caterpillar   Apion grub Semilooper Yellow mite Grey weevil   Mealy bug
Major and Minor Pest
English NameScientific NameFamilyOrderPest Status
Bihar hairy caterpillarSpilosoma obliqua WalkerArctiidaeLepidopteraMajor
Grey weevilMyllocerus discolor Bohemam   
Jute semilooperAnomis sabulifera GueneeNoctuidaeLepidopteraMajor
Jute stem weevilApion corchori MarshallCurculionidaeColeopteraMajor
Yellow mitePolyphagotarsonemus latus BanksTarsonemidaeAcarinaMajor
Indigo caterpillarSpodoptera exigua HübnerNoctuidaeLepidopteraMinor
Cut wormSpodoptera lituraNoctuidaeLepidopteraMinor
Mealy bugPhenacoccus solenopsis and PseudococcidaeHomopteraMinor
Stem girdlerNupsera bicolor postbrunnea DutLamiidaeColeopteraMinor
Red miteOligonychus coffeae Nietner (Tetranychidae:Acarina) Tetranychus bioculatus TarsonemidaeAcarinaMinor