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Improved retting of jute in stagnant water with Microbial Formulation


The process of separation and extraction of fibres from non-fibrous tissues and woody part of the stem through dissolution and decomposition of pectins, gums and other mucilaginous substance is called retting. Retting is a bio-chemical process carried out by the action of various retting microbes present in retting water. Retting is best carried out in slow moving soft water.

Quality Jute Fibre after microbial consortium retting

More than 90% of jute growers ret the jute and mesta plants in stagnant water following conventional method of retting. The repeated retting of jute and mesta in the stagnant water of same natural retting tank lead to the production of inferior quality fibre unless the tank is recharged with fresh water after each retting. To overcome this problem use of talc based CRIJAF microbial formulation in stagnant water was found suitable not only for the reduction of retting duration but also for the improvement in fibre quality by at least two to three grades.


Application of Microbial formulation

Jak ready for retting

Fibre extraction