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Production technology

SoilSoil and climate for optimum growth of ramie crop
Soil: Acidic (pH 6-7) with high organic matter.                                                                                                                                                   

  • Rainfall: 1500-2000 mm.
  • Temperature: 25-31 C.
  • RelaRelative Humidity: 80%.                                                                                                                                                                               


Deep, fertile loamy or sandy loam soils are suitable for successful cultivation of the crop. The optimum pH for growth is 6-7 though the crop can well withstand mild acidity. If soil is acidic (pH range 4-5), lime is required to be applied. Soil should be rich in organic matter for getting good growth of the crop.



Warm humid climate with a well distributed annual rainfall of 1500 – 2500 mm is suitable for luxuriant growth of ramie. The crop can thrive under relatively dry condition but growth is hampered and irrigation is needed to get optimum growth. Ramie is highly sensitive to waterlogging, frost and strong wind. The favourable temperature for growth ranges from 25 to 310C with the maximum of 350C. The relative humidity (RH) should not be below 21% while the optimum RH is 80%.