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Propagation Material

Ramie can be propagated through: rhizome cuttings, plantlets, stem cuttings, waste stalk (< 2ft in length) planting and seed.
Sl.No Propagation Material Source of Meterials Optimum Size Planting System Spacing Total amount of meterial require / ha Planting Time Irrigation
1. Rhizome 4-5 yers old field   Ridge & Furrow 30 cm Rhizome from 1/20 ha field is sufficient for planting On set of monsoon  
2. Plantlets one year old crop   Ridge & Furrow 60 cm x 30 cm 60,000 plantlets (including 5-10% mortality) are required to plant one ha of land dry season One to two irrigations need
3. Stem cutting collected at the time of harvest     45o angle at 60 cm x 30 cm     One to two irrigations need
4. Waste Stalk              
  • Rhizome cuttings
  • Plantlets
  • Stem cuttings
  • Waste Stalk